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Jacobs Well Prayer Ministry



I consider it a privilege to be a part of your miracle. I love to pray and see what God is going to do. I do not, nor will I ever consider prayer a burden. I want to partner with you in prayer. ~ Heather Roberts

The purpose of this ministry is to agree with God about what He desires to do in your individual life. God's plan is exceedingly, abundantly larger than we can ever ask or think. Therefore I seek out His guidance in all prayer needs.

When you send an email to heather@welcometothewell.com or if you write your prayer request on the back of our Jacobs Well communications envelope at chruch, your information only goes directly to me.

Here is how your prayer request will be addressed:

1) A prayer team meets on a phone conference every Friday @10:30am

    If you desire your prayer request can go there. 

    This prayer team is a confidential group.

2) If as the prayer coordinator, I deem it too sensitive or your would like to keep it just between you and me, it          would not go to the prayer team. 

3) Your life circumstances may benefit from a face-to-face prayer time. I am available to pray before and after        church services on Sundays. Please send me an email and set that time up before the next service if possible.        Or if another time is needed that can be arranged as well.

4) After a face-to-face prayer time, we both may determine this will require an ongoing prayer meeting and/or        may require another party to enter into agreement with us. You may also request that a prayer partner be a          male in which case we will set that up individually.

Please keep me informed of praises and answers to prayers, as I will also bring those to the prayer team and it will serve to notify me when to stop praying on that particular need.

God is moving mightily and I am excited to be a part of it. ~ Heather Roberts