Starting May 3rd, 2015, Jacob's Well will have a new meeting location:

 NCG Theatre, 1505 N. Bridge St., Yorkville, IL. 60560 (Rt’s 34 & 47) 


We are thrilled you have come to check out our BRAND NEW corner of the internet!  Whether you have come to “kick the tires” of Jacob’s Well Church before you visit for the first time or are simply looking to know moreand/or become more involved, we trust you’ll find what you are looking for here.  Check back often as we hope that this brand NEW web-site will serve as an easy and engaging interface for all who want to stay up-to-date on both upcoming events as well as exciting reports of those things we have recently experienced.

We also invite you to follow Jacob’s Well on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts.  Likewise, our Lead Pastor, Rob Hager invites everyone to “friend” and “follow” him as well as he often posts about the goings on of Jacob’s Well.  If you comb the web-site and still have questions or would like additional information, simply send an email to info@welcometothewell.com and we will be happy to help you! 

Current Series:



Fire insurance policies are important. No one dares find themselves on the backside of an all engulfing house fire resulting in a total loss with no hope of restoration.  As important as fire insurance policies are they are still completely useless when it comes to actually helping you enjoying your home today in any way.  Unfortunately, many today see Jesus as someone Who is graciously handing out 'fire insurance' policies.  Sure, He paid for the policy in full and offers it freely to all who see what awaits them without it.  But is that all there is to Jesus' message?...is it just a "hellfire insurance policy"?...is that the 'Good News' He came rose again to bring?...that once you die you will live forever?  OR, was there MORE?  Did He just offer to 'save' us until we go to heaven?  OR, was His mission far more ambitious than that?   

We here at Jacob's a Well invite you to join us on a epic journey as we discover that Jesus offers far more than an 'insurance policy'...far more than a message that gives hope after death.  During this season of teachings at The Well we will see that Jesus didn't just save us for a Kingdom to come...but also to experience and build His Kingdom here.  sure to respond as soon as possible.